What we do

Floor Coatings

Comprehensive range of floor coatings

We carry out a complete range of floor coatings ranging from the simplest of dust retardants to the toughest of surface sealants.

Epoxy (two pack) paints generally represent the top end of the range and can be obtained from most leading paint manufacturers. Additionally we are licensed to carry out specialist applications from a number of other manufacturers including Altro, Liquid Plastics and Wallglaze.

These sealants occur in other given situations such as lift shafts, tunnels and testing facilities and we are able to advise extensively on the efficiency and cost effectiveness of all products.

Designed for your project

In our experience this is an area where client expectation frequently exceeds reality. There is a product to suit every situation but you have to get it right at the design stage otherwise it can be a needlessly expensive process to upgrade.

What our clients say

“Give me Brook Decorations every time. They are people I can work with and trust.”

James Edmonton, Southern Housing Ltd

“Brook Decorations have a proactive attitude towards the job and have been the same throughout the contract. We would recommend Book for their work and attitude.”

Vic Ansell, Mansell Construction Services Ltd

“Brook Decorations’ commitment and dedication to the project has helped to ensure a quality product completed on time.”

Kevin Barden, Longley

“Bouygues appointed Brooks at our London infill’s residential scheme and have built a continuing working relationship based on delivering quality, value and trust.”

Sam Lomas, Bouygues

“Brook Decorations have always carried out their works to a high standard and have provided the necessary resource at the demanding end of the projects.”

Nigel Warnes, Page Associates

“I have used Brook decorations on both 5 Star Hotels and High end residential and they always deliver!”

Chris Jaques, Barratt