Hygiene Coatings

Hygiene coatings are increasingly the norm for hygiene focus businesses

Hospitals, clinics and food preparation areas are likely to have these coatings specified. At Brook we are licensed to carry out most specialised systems.

Our highly trained workforce within a workforce numbers 12 in total. We maintain this number of personnel specially trained and certificated at all times and for the most part employed solely on this type of work.


We have been appointed "regional applicators" for London and the Southeast by Liquid Plastics , Wallglaze and Altro . Additionally a number of "proprietary" paint manufacturers have entered this field and we are able to apply similar systems by Dulux, Johnstones and Akzo.

In their simplest forms some systems are no more complex than applying conventional coatings but with ever stricter requirements the top performing options all demand a great degree of specialised application.