Operations are planned with almost military precision

We have tackled decoration problems in some of Britain’s most uncompromising production facilities where the operations must be planned with almost military precision to allow for closures and shut downs.

Brook have succeeded where many have failed

Its not always easy to accommodate the likes of GSK or ICI but we at "Brook" have succeeded where many have failed. Therefore its no surprise for us to be amongst the first on their lists when it comes to improving their premises.

Specialised coatings and systems

Specialised coatings and systems frequently come into play in these kinds of environment and , needless to say , we are approved applicators for a number of specialist and hygienic product manufacturers.

A number of our staff have attended courses given by the likes of Liquid Plastics, Wallglaze and Altra and have achieved a high level of specialist knowledge in this field. Each of these companies possess a range of products that we have to have a working knowledge of and so in turn, it is essential that we keep a workforce that is thoroughly up-to-date in the latest techniques.

However every project is different and presents its own bespoke problems, so its equally essential to have the comfort of complete technical back-up.