We have pioneered certain types of finishes such as ’diamond technology’

In hospitals we have pioneered certain types of finishes such as ’diamond technology’ on behalf of I.C.I and our involvement in ’hygienic coatings’ become ever more frequent in line with modern day requirements.

The ability to respond to particular needs has enabled us to operate successfully in the healthcare sector. Specialist treatments, flexible working and critical deadlines have all been successfully catered for in hospitals, nursing homes and hospices. Sensitivity to the needs of patients and medical staff is combined with complete professionalism in all that we do.

University College London ( UCLH )

Our largest Project to date was completed in the Autumn of 2006. The University College London ( UCLH ) presented us with enormous challenges over a 2 year period but we responded in typical "Brook" fashion and finished within the programmed time and to plaudits from Client and Contractor alike!

London's single largest painting project

The contract value was in excess of £2 million and was possibly the single largest painting project carried out in the whole of London during that time.

The experience obtained from working on UCLH benefited us in so many ways. It brought a new awareness of trade interaction and planning to the extent where we believe no job will intimidate us. The sheer scale of the operation could have been a nightmare but the Contractor ( BCJV Ltd.) rightly showed faith in our ability and was rewarded with a superb job well done !