Tailored to the needs of staff and pupils alike

This area of work contributes substantially each year to our business. At any one time we have 4 or 5 projects of this nature running.

Whether it's internal or external redecoration, carried out during term time or in the holiday period, we are accustomed to tailoring our operations to suit the needs of staff and pupils alike. This applies as much to schools, colleges and universities as it does to academies and training centres - we have successful experience of them all.

Adaptable and realistic

Not all our efforts are confined to the public sector schools although most are and very demanding they can prove to be!  Programming their requirements into tight working schedules can be very difficult and this is where our experience shines through. We are adaptable and realistic and , once again, if its necessary we are able to work during the night or at weekends.

University Student housing

University Student housing accommodation is another of our speciality areas and we have found ourselves involved on Projects throughout London and the Southeast where our repetitive housing experience has served us well.