Game, set, match Brook at the All England Lawn Tennis Club

Over 6,000 people attend The Championships in a working capacity. These include a temporary staff of several hundred, who are directly employed by The All England Lawn Tennis Club, and others who are provided by firms, contractors, voluntary bodies and public services, as well as representatives of the media. In short, during the Fortnight at the end of June and the beginning of July, the Club is a hive of activity, squarely in the eye of the sporting world.

Brook - a known reliable contractor

Brook have served for a number of years as the pre-tournament general purpose painting contractor to The All England Lawn Tennis Club with a remit to "beautify" any publicly observed areas which, each year amounted to a considerable amount of work.

This large amount of work in a short time combined with heightened security for players, officials and members of the "All England Club"; made it essential that only a known reliable contractor be employed.

New Centre Court

In the course of carrying out our "annual duties" we were invited to tender for the painting work involved on the new centre court development.

The work proved to be both prestigious and extremely demanding, a number of our workforce forgot what their wives looked like..

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