Specialist Finishes

Embracing a huge range of specialist finishes and coatings

At Brook we embrace a huge range of specialist finishes and coatings. It could be argued that all of our applied finishes are "special" in their own way as each serves the purpose it was designed to do but in the trade we have come to regard "niche" products as the specialist range.

Epoxy paints, intumescent paints and hygienic coatings fall within our own specialist range and new purpose designed materials are being developed all the time by the various Paint Companies.

Our own philosophy on all of this is that " if its paint then we can apply it" and this is generally the case. However , many of these manufacturers like to engender some exclusivity to their products and will only permit certain licensed applicators to even purchase the materials!

In some cases this approach is warranted but in most it is not, a fact that is borne out by the ease at which a company ( or individual ) can become "qualified".  In conclusion then it is always worth trying to run with us at Brook, whatever the product because , quite simply, you can be guaranteed performance and quality !