The secret of our success is in the planning

The keyword for success in the Residential Sector has to be "sequencing". Whether it be high rise developments or "one off" spectaculars the secret has to be in the planning where it is essential to gain the trust of other trades and management alike.

We have carried out innumerable high quality housing and "high rise" projects over the years . In recent times there has been an veritable "explosion" of apartment blocks throughout our area ( and just about everywhere else too ) and we are proud to have been involved in a number of the more prestigious projects including "Discovery Dock" , "Rotherhythe Basin" and "Wapping Heights" all within or close to London's Dockland.

American style concept living

Additionally we have been heavily involved in the much heralded "Sunrise Living" residential homes developments that have sprung up throughout the affluent areas of the Southeast. Already we have been the chosen contractor on 7 of these high quality "American style concept living" homes and we are hopeful of securing further works in this sector shortly.

High standards across a wide range of projects

Equally impressive is the work recently carried out at "the St. Anne"s residential care home" on behalf of "The Little Sisters of the Poor" where extremely high standards of finish were demanded and attained in the most trying of conditions.

Occasionally our workload includes bespoke residences for wealthy individuals where our professionalism and imagination shines through. And combined with our flexibility  (not to say patience ) we can list many very satisfied customers.