Modern, highly durable finishings for a new generation of athletes.

Modern, highly durable finishings are required for today’s sports stadia, pools and facilities to withstand the rigours imposed by a new generation of athletes. We have been able to advise on and carry out the decorations in a number of these situations many of which are grant aided thereby imposing rigid accountability on the Client.

Happily our assistance and input has often proven to be the difference between a fully decorated project and a compromise situation. We will explore client requirement and develop an understanding with "the rest of the team" to produce an affordable bespoke product.

Experienced, energetic and resourceful

In our considerable experience it is the leisure sector that is capable of producing most headaches for any Painting Contractor.

Quite simply there is never enough programme time available, specifications change at "the drop of a hat" and in the final days of a project the pressures can be intense for all concerned. At times like these you need a competent, resourceful Painting Contractor like "Brook".

We possess the experience, technical know-how and energy to achieve where others would falter. And the "comfort" that this provides is beyond measure !