Work Force

The quality of our people is the key to the quality of our services.

We have a compact managerial team, allowing us to provide a personal service at director level for every aspect of every contract.

Peter Johnson joined Brook in 1982 and Mark Allies four years later. Together with Colin Fry, they make up the team of Directors that provide the company with its unrivalled management expertise.

Our core market is primarily high quality commercial offices, leisure and retails projects which are frequently carried out on a fast track programme.  This type of project requires careful planning, sequencing and hands-on management.  Our expertise and project management skills let us provide effective liaison with Main Contractors, suppliers and the work force to ensure each project can be tackled in the most efficient way, cutting costs, time and disruption.

Proven track record

Our management team is supported by a number of trained supervisors well versed in the “Brook” approach to efficiency and quality, and by highly skilled tradesmen and women.

All of our staff come with a proven track record within the painting industry, and carry recognised qualifications.

Efficient management and sequencing of our work helps us deliver results on time and within an agreed cost framework.