Brook Decorations have been around for 27 years. During this time the industry has changed enormously in terms of regulation, legal requirement and acceptable work practices but in essence we remain the same. We have progressed and prospered considerably during our 27 years and it is our sincere wish to continue in this vein for many years to come!

A strong, intelligent and capable unit.

The firm was started by Colin Fry in 1981 but unable to cope with a larger than expected early workload Peter Johnson was recruited in 1982 followed quickly by Mark Ailles. Together the three have remained to this day friends and colleagues.

As a team it would be hard to imagine a better arrangement as all three have their individual strengths and methods of working but combine seamlessly to present a strong, intelligent and capable unit.

Our company structure is relatively small for such an active organisation but this is augmented by some of the finest, trade qualified supervisors available and very few projects do we find daunting in any way. All of our workforce are qualified to CSCS standards and many possess "City and Guilds" certification or hold other vocational achievements and awards.

We occasionally stray from South East England but it is fair to say that 90% of our work occurs within a 50 mile radius of central London.

We enjoy working for reliable, consistent clients that are like minded and this has allowed us to grow in a controlled and envied manner.

27 years ago our infant turnover totalled £170,000. Today we aim for a controlled figure approaching £4,000,000 comprising of projects correctly priced to produce decent returns.